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7. FSM States in which applicant proposes to engage in business:

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   Formed under the laws of

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9. Attach copies of the organic documents of the business entity indicated above (for example, partnership agreement, joint venture agreement, or, if a corporation, charter, article of incorporation and by laws). If the business entity has not yet been formed, copies of the organic documents must be submitted before commencing to engage in business. If the organic documents are not in English, a notarized translation of them into English must also be submitted.

10. State the aggregate percentage of the applicant which is owned by citizens or governments of the FSM or legal entities wholly owned by such citizens or governments. % Any other person is considered a noncitizen.

11. List all noncitizens (or state there are none, if applicable) who hold a “substantial ownership interest” in applicant, as defined in section 203 of the FSM Foreign Investment Act:

12. Investigate and provide the following information for the applicant and for each noncitizen holder of a “substantial ownership interest” in the applicant, as defined in section 203 of the FSM Foreign Investment Act. Attach additional sheets if necessary. If any answer is “yes”, provide details.

Has this person been convicted of a felony or crime of moral turpitude in the FSM, any State of the FSM, or any foreign jurisdiction during the prior 10 years?
 Yes No

Has this person ever had a foreign investment permit canceled by the FSM or any of its States?
 Yes No

Is this person now indebted to any government, citizen or resident of the FSM more than 30 days after adjudication of the debt by final and unappealable decision of an FSM state or national court or administrative body?
 Yes No

13. Have you attached any additional sheets to this form?  Yes No
    If so, how many?